Car Care Month at Audi Lynbrook

Your Audi A4 sedan or Audi Q5 SUV has been your best partner all summer long on Long Island, getting you to Jones Beach concerts or events in New York City. Now, during Fall Car Care Month in October, it’s time to give the love back. Audi Lynbrook, your Long Island, NY Audi dealership, wants to remind its customers that October is Car Care Month and invites owners to visit its service department for your scheduled maintenance appointments to maintain your Audi vehicle’s powerful performance, superior engineering, and high ride quality. Here’s what you and your expert service technician will be looking for: 

Battery: Winter’s cold weather is hard on batteries, so if your battery is more than three years old, the professionally-trained technicians in the Audi service center will test your battery and replace it if need be.

Wiper Blades: Long Island will soon be pelted with rain and snow and your wiper blades might need to be replaced if they are torn, cracked, or don’t properly clean your windshield. Stop by Audi Lynbrook for OEM wiper blades for your Audi A4 or Audi Q7. During the winter months, it’s a good idea to be pro-active and check for debris under and around the wiper blades. Dirt and falling leaves can cause scratches on the windshield.

Air filters: Clean air filters improve your vehicle’s performance. Audi Lynbrook’s service department will exchange your old air filter with Audi genuine parts

Tires: During winter, tire pressure should be checked weekly as tires lose pressure when temperatures drop. The Audi Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to help detect underinflated tires. Properly inflated tires help deliver the best fuel economy, performance, and ride comfort. The Audi TPMS will warn you that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.

Brakes: When driving on icy or snow-covered roads and bridges, brakes are a necessity. Your certified Audi service technician will inspect the brake system including brake linings, rotors, and drums. 

Audi Lynbrook is dedicated to ensuring that your Audi vehicle provides you with the smooth, luxurious ride that you expect. During Fall Car Care Month, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with the experts at our service center or drop by to answer any questions.



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