Color Options for Your Audi Vehicle

It’s an election year, and voters will soon be heading to the polls to make their political selections. But New York Audi drivers are invited to visit Audi Lynbrook, a New York Audi dealership on the South Shore of Long Island, NY, to cast their vote for some of the most vibrant and unique colors offered for their next Audi vehicle.

Color is a deeply personal choice for car owners—some stay with the same color year after year, but others choose a different color depending on a particular time of their life. Nearly 60% of consumers identified color as a major factor in their vehicle-buying decisions according to recent automotive research conducted by PPG. At its showroom, the sales force at Audi Lynbrook will be happy to show customers the difference between shades of white, black, or blue selections in its new Audi inventory near Long Island, NY

While most Audi car owners choose black, white, or silver, the Audi brand does offer some unique shades that will make your high-end vehicle stand out even more. Glut Orange is a rare shade and can be found on the Audi S3 for a premium price. Nimbus Grey has proven to be a winner after its introduction on the 2000 Audi TT Nieman Marcus edition. The car also featured moccasin red baseball leather with thick stitching. The Audi brand also offers a few other special edition colors, such as Riviera Blue and Imola Yellow. Avant Nagaro, a rare shade of blue from the Audi brand, has been available on the Audi S4 models over the years.

For those who want to personalize their next Audi Q5 hybrid vehicle, the Audi brand offers its customers the ability to personalize their car by color and build their own models. Choices from these exotic exterior colors include such distinct shades as Ibis White, Brilliant Black, Glacier White, Cuvee Silver, Monsoon Gray, Florett Silver, Mythos Black, Moonlight Blue, Scuba Blue, Utopia Blue, Lava Gray Pearl, and Daytona Gray Pearl.




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