Audi Lynbrook: Back To School Driving Tips

Children from Marion Street Elementary up to Lynbrook High are heading back to school. With students returning for another academic year, more congestion will be found on the roads. School buses picking up students, kids on bikes heading to after school activities and parents trying to drop off or pick up kids at all times of the day are a few of the new scenarios that drivers need to watch out for.  Audi Lynbrook has gathered a few tips for drivers to keep students safe as they head back to school.

School buses: It’s been a few months since these yellow vehicles have been on the road. Maintain distance between your vehicle and the bus. Remember to stop on both sides of the road when the school bus driver puts on red flashing lights. It indicates that students are getting on or off the bus. Wait until the red lights stop flashing, when the driver knows when the children have safely disembarked into their homes.

School zones: Abide by school zone speed limits that are typically15 to 25 mph in and around Lynbrook.

Stop: It’s easy to become harried and not make a complete stop in your Audi car. And you’re not alone: more than 1/3 of drivers roll through stop signs in school zones and neighborhoods. But it’s the law and by coming to a complete stop, it gives the driver more time to check for kids on sidewalks and crosswalks.

Be alert:  In the fall, there are more children on the streets, walking to and from school or on their bikes. Take an extra look in your rearview camera on the 2016 Audi Q5 SUV or other Audi vehicle, checking both ways as you back out of your driveway or leave your parking garage, as well as your blind-spot monitoring and front and rear parking sensors.

Safe driving courses: It’s never too late to get “schooled” yourself. Take a refresher course from your insurer or the local Lynbrook AAA. The course will bring you up-to-date on any new laws and regulations.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHSTA), autumn is the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians, with 29% of pedestrian-related fatalities. Audi Lynbrook wants this year to be the safest on record in our community. Use our helpful tips next time you're out on the roads.

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