5G Internet: Fast Networks for Safer Driving

Audi and its partners around the globe are spending a considerable amount of time and effort in testing, developing, and supporting the 5G internet standard, which is touted to be the future of connectivity. The 5G internet option offers ultra-fast mobile communication, which can help car owners with on-the-road connectivity, added safety options, as well as an effortless driving experience.

Existing mobile technologies were developed and retro-fitted into the car with the help of a smartphone only. While this capability gave the user more options with regards to in-vehicle entertainment and connectivity, the innovation was not advanced enough to handle communication between vehicles. In order to achieve better inter-linkage between all participating vehicles on the road, car manufacturers need to work on building advanced 5G infrastructure for road users and traffic. The introduction of 5GAA is the first time mobile networks and automobiles will come to work together.

What does 5G offer to the driver?
A car that's enabled with 5G internet will offer the driver a much more entertaining trip. The high data transfer rate will allow the driver to access streaming services with utmost ease. Be it navigation or high-quality music, drivers and passengers will be able to access both during a commute.

A high-speed internet function would also mean more convenience. Cooperative driving could become a reality with the help of advanced 5G networks. Vehicle and passenger safety will also be significantly enhanced with faster internet. The rapid rate will assist with early pedestrian warning, more advanced and safer overtaking with video streaming, and increasingly accurate emergency braking.

What does 5G internet offer to the automobile industry?
The introduction of 5G network will help in carrying out advanced operations throughout all automobile manufacturing units. Smart factories will gain more momentum with 5G internet. The network will aid in monitoring robots and machines with utmost accuracy. Additionally, factory cooperation would also receive a significant boost.

Audi has decided to collaborate with other major car manufacturers to build the best 5G network. The inter-dependence of these companies will certainly build a stronger on-road traffic network system for all parties involved.

Source: Audi
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