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How IONITY Enables Electric Mobility for Long-Distance Travel

Audi has announced its plans to introduce electric cars by the year 2020. With the help of the innovative IONITY technology, car owners can fearlessly opt for electric-powered vehicles without the fear of travelling long distances.

Electric cars provide plenty of advantages that allow people to make environmentally-conscious choices. The main concern with such models is that they require frequent charging and are only suitable for short driving distances. When people invest in a new car, they would expect the vehicle to be able to transport them effortlessly over long commutes as well. This is where IONITY technology comes in.

Audi is all set to release their first all-electric model – the Audi e-Tron. But the company has so much more in store. Audi has taken it upon itself to establish a large network of charging stations all throughout Europe, which can erase the problem of charging connectivity.

The Volkswagen Group, along with BMW, Daimler, and Ford, founded IONITY with Audi and Porsche in November 2017. IONITY is the first pan-European high-power charging network.

IONITY is looking to enable more electric-powered long-distance travel in Europe by finding partners in attractive locations on major traffic routes and motorways – the type of places where drivers would stop during extended road trips. The goal for IONITY is to set up at least 400 rapid charging stations in optimum locations by the end of 2020.

What’s new about the IONITY technology?
IONITY is being built to empower the vehicles of today and tomorrow. This future-proof technology will enable a high-power charging network that can assist whenever, wherever. As per the plan, each charging station has an average of six chargers. The European standard Combined Charging System (CCS) will also be put to use.

The first electric model of Audi is capable of charging the car up to 150 kW, making it ready for the next lap in just 30 minutes. Moreover, the innovation is able to constantly renovate, allowing a replenishment of up to 350 kW in the near future.

With the help of IONITY, car enthusiasts can invest in their favourite electric-powered car without worrying about the long haul.

Source: Audi
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