Symptoms of Worn Brakes To Be Aware Of

Brake parts of cars come with a life span, and they need to be checked and serviced regularly to ensure safe driving. Sometimes, you might also have to replace them for them to work properly. If you notice any of these signs, then your car's brakes may have worn out and need servicing:

1. Weird noises: If you hear grinding and squeaking noises while you are in motion, it’s a sign that your brake pads have worn out. Such an issue could lead to rotor damage—something that can prove extremely expensive.

2. Vibration in your steering wheel or pedal: This might happen when your rotors get warped due to metal rubbing against metal. Honestly, it is a potential drain on your money. You need to get your brake system inspected immediately when you face this unpleasant difficulty.

3. Leaking fluid: The master cylinder stores the brake fluid and creates the necessary power for your brakes. When you apply the brakes, the brake fluid is thrust through thin piping, generating hydraulic pressure. If the brake fluid is leaking from the master cylinder, there may be insufficient power to push the brake pads to clench hard to the car’s rotors. So make sure you get it checked by a technician.

4. Greater force needed to brake: If you see you are pressing down farther than usual on your brake pedal to stop your car, you are likely at the first stage of brake pad wear. In such a situation, you should stop playing around with your brake pedal. Get in touch with an expert immediately to look for signs of damage and to take reparative actions.

5. Burning smell: Lastly, check for a sharp, pungent odor, especially when braking hard on steep roads. This is a sign of overheated brakes or clutch. In such situations, check your parking brake to make sure it’s fully released. Just allow the brakes to cool because heating the brake fluid to boiling can cause complete brake failure. Also, notice if there’s any smoke coming from a wheel. The brake caliper may get stuck—something that makes the car unsafe to drive without repairs.

Source: Audi
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