5 Vehicle Tips for Hurricane Season


If you live in the United States, you know that hurricanes are a normal reality of life. So here are Audi Lynbrook’s top 5 tips to hurricane proofing your car this season:

         Get your car evaluated and maintained completely         A hurricane can take a lot out of your car. This is why it's important that you get your vehicle back to top shape, especially before the storm hits. Visit a local car garage in Lynbrook NY for comprehensive evaluation and maintenance.


Keep on hand all emergency tools & vehicle accessories that you may need
With hurricanes, you never know when trouble may strike. It’s always best practice to carry with you all the tools and accessories you may need to handle vehicle-related problems. Flat tires, wheels stuck in the mud, flooding, etc. are some of the challenges you may face.         To assemble an emergency hurricane kit to keep in your car during the hurricane season. Some things you should collect are as follows:

o Tire jack
o Spare tire
o Motor oil & fuel
o Tool kit
o Spare battery
o Jumper cables
o Torch & batteries

      Fuel up in advance, before the hurricane hits
      Often, during severe hurricanes, fuel stations are unable to replenish their stock. You may also not get the time or the opportunity to visit a gas station in Lynbrook to fuel up. So if you know a tentative date of when the hurricane is going to hit your neighborhood, get a full tank of gas in advance.


Keep your tires inflated at all times (even the spare ones)
When your car’s tires are properly inflated, they have better traction over slippery roads. Additionally, in the rare instance of snowfall during the hurricane, inflated tires will be easier to dig out than underinflated ones.          Finally, keeping an inflated spare tire handy will ensure that you have a safety backup with you if you get a flat during a hurricane.


Get the right insurance coverage
Speak to your current insurance provider about the terms and conditions of their hurricane damage policy. If you’re unhappy with this coverage, contact another car insurer and buy a special hurricane coverage in Lynbrook. This will keep your car safe if it's damaged in a hurricane. 




Source: Audi

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