Audi Keyless Entry and Remote Start

Keyless entry has been equipped as a standard feature across all of Audi's recent car models. However, the German automobile giant has recently released a novel keyless entry innovation termed "The Advanced Key." With it, you can now unlock or lock your car doors without ever reaching for your pockets.


The advanced key operates with the help of proximity sensors. The trunk door and the door handles are fitted with proximity sensors, while your key remote has a radio pulse generator installed.


Whenever the key remote comes within 5 feet of the proximity sensors, the doors are unlocked for easy access to the driver. Once you enter and close the doors, these will automatically get locked again.


The Remote Start does not come as a basic option in Audi cars, but it can be accessed through your key remote when installed. Start your vehicle from a distance whenever required after fitting the 3x lock remote factory-made for your Audi.


Advantages of the Remote Start and Keyless Entry


Keyless entry makes your car quite accessible since you needn't unlock the doors by pressing any button. Just walk toward your car, and they will open on their own.


Have you lost your car in a sea of other vehicles? Just pace towards where you think you left your Audi, and it will detect your presence. You can automatically detect your model when you hear the beep of the door unlocking.


However, once you equip an advanced key, make sure you take good care of the key remote. Once lost, only an authorized dealer will be able to replace it for you.


When will the keyless entry and remote start not work?


There are a few situations in which the keyless entry or remote start option of your Audi may not be serviceable:


  • The ignition of your car has been left on – If you've left the ignition on, the remote start feature will not run.
  • The Advance Key feature has been disabled – If the feature has been disabled, the sensory elements will not work. This is a security risk, as you might walk away from your Audi thinking that the doors locked on their own even when they're still unlocked. Always double check nevertheless.
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