Tips for Driving in the Rain

No matter how expert a driver you are, driving on wet roads during a downpour exposes you to the risk of accidents. Given here are some tips to exercise caution.


Check your vehicle's condition


If you've already planned your travel, have your car checked and serviced before departure. A timely service can help maintain your vehicle in a solid condition to battle wet roads.


If the travel is sudden and you are required to leave immediately, do a basic vehicle check on the headlights, taillights, and wiper blades. Inspect your vehicle's tires as well, specifically for their tread depth. An inadequate tread depth reduces traction on wet roads, which can cause you to lose control.


Drive slow and keep distance


Do not drive too close to the vehicle before you. Maintain more than a minimal distance to ensure that when you apply the brakes, you do not collide with the automobile ahead. It is recommended that you drive your car at a range that equals the length of several cars.


Apply the Brakes Slowly


Braking suddenly or too heavily can cause your vehicle to skid and lose control. Apply the brakes at a safe distance from the car before you to avoid a collision.


Do not switch off wipers and headlights


While this may seem obvious, it is worth mentioning. Keep your headlights switched on even if you're able to see the path ahead. Switch on your wipers frequently to keep the windshield clear. The more visibility, the safer you are on wet roads.


Avoid driving through standing water


Driving through water puddles can result in hydroplaning. Hydroplaning causes the vehicle to abandon its traction, making you lose control. Avoid standing water wherever possible. If you cannot avoid, drive very slowly in such areas.


Postpone your travel


If there's a heavy downpour, it is advisable to postpone the travel to a later date if possible. Driving on wet roads is inviting danger, and you would be better off without the risk.


A stable working condition of your vehicle is key to driving safely on wet roads. Schedule a regular maintenance service with us so that you can rely on your car to keep you safe during the rains. Visit us today and discover our best service deals for you!

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