What Should an Audi Basic Car Service Include?

We all know that regular visits to the doctor to ensure that everything in our body is healthy and functioning smoothly is vital. The same needs to be done for your car to diagnose any issues with it, carry out possible repairs, and maintain it at its optimum.


An auto manufacturer typically creates a maintenance schedule for its vehicles. Under this calendar, there are two types of service that your car needs on a regular basis:


1. Basic Service

2. Full Service


A basic service befalls more rapidly than a full service and is done at closer intervals. A full service, on the other hand, is quite time-consuming and is expected somewhat rarely.


Let's take a closer look at the kind of services offered under a basic service for your Audi:


  1. Oil and Filter Check/Replacement – the filter refines the oil that reaches your cylinders and prevents any contaminants from damaging your engine. It is imperative to periodically check your car's oil and filter to ensure that no harm is caused to your engine.
  2. Brake fluid check and top up – if there isn't sufficient brake fluid, the brakes may slow down, and, as a result, the protection of occupants is jeopardized. It is crucial to top up your brake fluid from time to time in order to keep your brakes functioning at their best.
  3. Power steering fluid check and top up – the power steering fluid helps in the smooth functioning of your car and keeps it running like new for longer. If you don't top up your power steering fluid occasionally, you run the risk of letting your vehicle age too fast.
  4. Suspension check – When you feel every bump and bounce on the road, it's time for your car's shock and suspension to be checked out.
  5. Lights Check – Ensures that all the headlights are functioning optimally.
  6. Tire Check, Battery Check, and Exhaust Check – All of these are relatively smaller examinations on the exterior to ensure that all components are functioning efficiently.


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