The Audi SUV Q series combines luxury with excellent performance. Audi Lynbrook is ready to help anyone in the market for an Audi SUV. If you’re interested in a family car or just like the feel of an SUV, we have every model to suit your needs – the Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, and SQ5. Let’s break them down to give you some ideas on what to expect from the Audi Q series.


The Audi Q3: is a more compact model, but with every benefit of the larger models. It seats five and can provide you with an incredibly comfortable, smooth ride. The inside has a luxury finish, and there’s a technologically-advanced yet easy-to-use entertainment system. The Q3 has also been ranked as an efficient and reliable vehicle.


The Audi Q5: will also seat five passengers but is wider and has more storage space than the Q3. The Q5 has increased towing capabilities as an added utility.


The Audi Q7: seats seven people and is great for families. It comes with either a diesel or a petrol engine and has the option of automatic transmission. There are three rows of seating in the Q7, but the second and third rows can fold down for more storage space.


The Audi Q8: is similar to the Q7 except that it’s a 2-row version. It is also great for off-road travel with its spacious, luxurious interiors and capability to accommodate five. The Q8 also has a turbocharged V6 engine that’s spectacularly powerful.


The Audi SQ5: is similar in size, towing capabilities, seating capacity, luxury, and comfort to the Q5. The major difference here is the engine – the SQ5 has greater horsepower and torque. However, this makes the Q5 more fuel-efficient.


All Audi SUVs come with their famous Quattro or 4-wheel-drive technology, custom driving modes, intuitive technology, and a host of other amazing features.


If you live in or around Lynbrook, NY, in areas such as North Lynbrook, East Rockaway, and Valley Stream, you can visit Audi Lynbrook. We provide you with more details on the different types of Audi SUVs. You can also test-drive a few cars.

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